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Covid 19 Precautions

  1. We will have hand sanitizer and ball washing station.

  2. When playing sets we recommend you just use the balls owned by the two teams playing.

  3. We do NOT recommend high 5's at side change, etc. Air 5, Point, share a positive comment.

  4. Refs and players will call out the score before the serve. We will NOT use scoreboards as there will be too many people touching it and too difficult to clean.

  5. When setting up your groups umbrellas, etc. make sure there is six feet between groups.

  6. If you are sick, fever, cough, soar throat, etc. please stay home. Let us know immediately.

  7. By registering for any of our Beach Volleyball events you acknowledge that Myrtle Beach Volleyball cannot guarantee you will not be infected with Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Myrtle Beach Volleyball
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