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Myrtle Beach Volleyball


  1. Beach volleyball is a player driven sport. The majority of junior and adult tournaments are officiated entirely by the players. Exception may occur if an impartial adult who knows all the rules of the game is agreed upon by all players.

  2. MOST IMPORTANT: Be fair, have a clear understanding of the rules (read RULES on our website). BE Consistent and Alert.


  4. SCORING: Score Boards will be provided. Call out score regularly and sit on side so that the spectators can see the score. Raise the score board regularly so spectators can see.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Players call out score before every serve!!! PAY ATTENTION TO SCORE. We can all make mistakes.

  5. For Pool Play there will be a schedule for officiating.

  6. PLAYOFFS: Have to ref next match if you lose. May get someone else to officiate for you if all players agree.  Will not be awarded AVP America points if you leave without officiating.

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