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Beach Volleyball Rules

  1. BLOCK COUNTS AS A TOUCH and only 2 hits after the block. The person blocking can touch the ball again for the second touch but then the ball would have to go over on the next contact.

  2. HAND SETTING: Hand setting is allowed. The ball should be contacted above the forehead and ball should move up once in contact with the hands. Should not have significant sideways spin as to indicate a double contact. The key is to be fair and consistent. When in doubt let the play continue. We do not want to become rally killers.

  3. RECEIVING SERVE: Players should not receive serves with open hands like indoor. It is recommended that both hands are together like a reverse bump or hands flats with palms forward and thumbs crossed. This needs to be practiced to see what feels most comfortable to you. There can be no finger action. You can have your hands apart but must contact fists, or flat palms. Once again this is not proper technique and is not advised.

  4. RECEIVING OVER PASS or FIRST BALL: Technically you can receive with open hands but must be done without a double contact. The leniency on this part of the game has changed significantly in recent years. We still teach and recommend that both hands are together like a reverse bump or hands flats with palms forward and thumbs crossed.

  5. HARD DRIVEN/ SPIKED BALL: The exception to the rule above is for a spiked or “hard driven ball”. In this situation you may open hand dig and double contact as long as it is all in one motion.

  6. HAND SETTING OVER NET: Hand setting over net is allowed if it is not a double contact and the ball is set in either direction your shoulders/back or chest is facing (can do front or reverse set). Cannot redirect the ball.

  7. REDIRECTING A BALL WITH AN OPEN HAND NOT ALLOWED. You must hit the ball with a firm hand/heal of hand/poke with fingers or knuckles. Cannot dump the ball with fingers like indoors. EXCEPTION: If there is an overset by the other team the blocker can redirect ball like in indoor.

  8. GOING UNDER NET: Player can go under the net as long as they do not interfere with the other team’s ability to make a play on the ball.

  9. COURT DIMENSIONS: 52.6 feet by 26.3 feet VS 60 feet by 30 feet


  11. MATCHES/SETS: Pool play sets and scores will vary based on number of teams in pool/weather, etc. Matches will be best of 3 sets. First two played to 21 or 15 and if necessary 3rd set played to 15. All sets won by 2 points. May be modified due to time, weather, etc.

  12. SWITCHING SIDES: Done after every 7 points when playing to 21 and done every 5 points when playing to 15. This is to take into count of the wind and the sun.

  13. RUNNING ON ANOTHER COURT: If you step on a court (inside the boundary lines) on either side in attempt to keep the ball in play the point is over and the other team is awarded a point. SAFTEY FIRST!

  14. NO SUBSTITUTIONS: Beach volleyball is mainly 2v2. If a player is hurt in pool play and can no longer play that set and all other sets are forfeited. However, if they can find a substitute they can still play the pool play sets but sets will still be forfeits. They will not play in the playoffs.

  15. 12U CLUB Exceptions: On serve we allow our 12U players to step in to serve. Back foot should be near the end line and they should not go in more than approximately 3 feet. We will be very lenient on the hand setting. We do not want to be rally killers. We do not want kids to get frustrated and quit. There a no bids for 12U. All AVP America Championships for the 12U and all boys divisions are on a first come basis.

  16. 12U & 14U: We should be more lenient when calling doubles on hand sets, etc. Just like indoor. Be

  17. Officiating is not easy in any sport. If there is a major controversy always best to REDO and move on. Kids are officiating so be respectful and understanding. 

  18. If it is a rules interpretation issue please find the tournament director.  If you cannot find tournament director immediately REDO and we will clear up the issue when we can. We must continue play as this will hold up the tournament.

Myrtle Beach Volleyball
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