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Beach Volleyball Coaching

  • Most junior teams do not have coaches at tournaments. However, coaching is allowed in beach volleyball under certain situations.

  • VIOLATION: If a violation is made the referees should give a verbal warning to the person coaching. If it happens again the other team is awarded a point and the tournament director should be notified by the referee or players. NOT THE PARENTS. If it happens again the team will forfeit that set and the coach will be asked to leave the court.

  • A parent may coach but they must follow the coaching guidelines.

Coaching Guidelines

  1. Must be identified as a coach and dress professionally (at minimum, in shirt and shorts). Coach does NOT have to be there for entire match. May come and go as they could be coaching several teams.

  2. May not address the officials or attempt to influence their decisions at any time.

  3. May perform drills with their team on court until the conclusion of the coin toss.

  4. During the match may give instruction during time-outs, side change and between sets. IN ADDITION, a coach may make a brief comment at the end of each point as long as it does not affect the flow of the game. 

  5. Coaches may not instruct while the ball is in play. 

  6. Must remain in their players’ area (switching sides with their team).

  7. May suggest to the team captain in a non-disruptive manner, the request for time-out and are permitted to request time-out for all competition U-18 and below.

  8. PARENTS CANNOT COACH from the sidelines. Cheer and recognize great plays, but you cannot make call out coaching suggestions for success during the match.

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